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International Sales Agent Event, 1st March at DIFF 2024

Sales DIFF 2024

We are delighted to support the International Sales Agent event at Dublin International Film Festival 2024 on Friday 1st March.

  • International Sales Agent event at Dublin International Film Festival
  • Goethe-Institut Irland, 37 Merrion Square, Dublin 2
  • Friday, 1st March at 2pm
  • Book a Place Here

Dublin International Film Festival begins this week, and will run from 22nd February to 2nd March. Alongside their programme of films, DIFF will host a series of public and industry events supported by Screen Ireland.

Following the hugely successful Sales Agents events in the past years, DIFF will host another sales agent event in 2024 as part of their Industry Sessions.

DIFF has invited Claudio Corsetti, Acquisitions Manager from Media Luna New Films, one of the largest sales agents in Europe, to meet with Irish filmmakers at DIFF 2024.

The event will open with an introduction by Orla Clancy from Creative Europe Desk Ireland - MEDIA Office.

Book a place here
if you would like to learn more about current trends in sales and acquisition.


  • Ireland-France Co-Production Day, 10am - 6pm, Wednesday, 28th February, The Complex. The Ireland-France Co-Production Day will present an opportunity to showcase the collaborative efforts between the two nations during the panel, as well as establish new connections during one-on-one sessions between French and Irish film producers. Co-Production Day is supported by CNC, the French Embassy in Dublin, and Screen Ireland.
  • Embedding Sustainability Practices: How to Promote Sustainability on Any Budget Level, 4.30pm, Thursday, 29th February, Goethe Institute. A number of screen industry professionals discuss case-studies in an effort to promote more sustainable production practices on any budget level. Moderator: Anthony Muldoon (SPI). Panellists include Alex DeValera (Sustainability Manager & Advisor), Evan Horan (Producer, Keeper Pictures), Stan Nangle (Sustainability Advisor), Aoibhín Murphy (Producer & Development Assistant, Newgrange Pictures).
  • African Season: Crafting Authentic Narratives, 4pm t- 5pm Saturday, 24th February, The Complex. This panel brings together accomplished filmmakers from across Africa, including emerging makers whose films have been earned critical acclaim at Cannes Film Festival. The panel will explore the challenges of sharing diverse cultures with a global audience. They will explore different approaches to navigating language, context, and storytelling whilst maintaining a strong cultural authenticity. The discussion aims to explore how cinema helps shape, celebrate, and appreciate African storytelling. Speakers Include, Mohamed Kordofani, writer & director of Goodbye Julia
    Oge Obasi, producer of Mami Wata, Ramata-Toulaye Sy, writer and director of Banel & Adama.
  • Volta Award Presentation and Q&A: Isabelle Huppert, 12 noon, Thursday, 29th February, The Light House Cinema. In this special presentation, Isabelle Huppert will be awarded the Festival’s career achievement award, the Volta. The presentation of the award will be following an‘ In Conversation’ with Irish actor, writer and director Olwen Fouéré (The Tourist, The Northman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

You can find the full list of Dublin International Film Festival industry events on the Screen Ireland website.

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