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Irish Co-Development Funding Success

Co Dev Results 2024

Congratulations to the three Irish companies whose projects were selected in the latest round of Creative Europe MEDIA Co-development funding results!

European Co-development funding supports the co-development of animation, creative documentary or fiction projects for cinema, TV or digital platforms. This funding strand encourages companies to develop works with high creative value, cultural diversity, and cross-border potential.

Applications for European Co-development funding are made by a project leader who has at least one partner and representing at least two different MEDIA countries.

Commenting on these latest Irish results, Eibhlín Ní Mhunghaile, MEDIA Office Galway said: 'It's great to see Irish companies - including those receiving Creative Europe MEDIA support for the first time – collaborate with their European counterparts both as lead applicants and minority partners to co-develop new projects which have an international focus from the outset.'

Successful Irish Partner Projects from 2023 Co-development Call

  • Down by the River (Feature Drama). Lead Partner: Morgan Creative (Ireland). Co-partner: Zul Filmes (Portugal). Award €77,147.
  • Yesterday's Girl (Irish language series). Lead Partner: Tailored Films (Ireland). Co-partner: Beactive (Portugal). Award €120,000.
  • Raan (Feature Drama). Lead Partner: Gifted Films (DE); Co-partners: Brightside / Wild Atlantic Pictures (Ireland); NFP Norway (NO), Award: €36,857.

Impact of Co-development Funding for Irish Companies

We asked the Irish partners and their teams to comment on how their MEDIA funding awards will impact their companies and their projects.

Morgan Brothers
Luke Morgan and Jake Morgan, Morgan Brothers, Galway. Photo credit Julia Dunin.
‘Receiving the MEDIA Co-Development funding has changed the landscape for our company utterly. It has afforded us the space and means to develop a project between like-minded creative people in three separate countries - Morgan Brothers (Ireland), Zul Filmes (Portugal) and screenwriter Bruna Trindade (Brazil). "Down by the River" (working title) will be a sprawling adventure story for young adults, taking place between a small West of Ireland town and a vast Brazilian rainforest. Having this early vote of confidence from the MEDIA programme is invaluable as we seek further partners, team members and funding to bring the project to life.’ Luke Morgan, Morgan Brothers.
Morgan Brothers, Galway
Producers Ruth Treacy and Julianne Forde, Tailored Films
Producers Ruth Treacy and Julianne Forde (on the right). Photo courtesy ofTailored Films.
‘We are thrilled to have received co-development support from Creative Europe for our live-action YA Irish-language series 'Yesterday's Girl'. The support is an immediate seal of approval that has expedited interest in the series from outside financiers across Europe and beyond. We have long wished to work with our Portuguese co-production partners at beActive and are overjoyed to have found the right project to collaborate with them on through this initiative. Co-development support has greatly augmented the optics of our project and we have since pitched the series at Young Horizons Industry and various markets. The funding lends a 'quality guarantee', which has been hugely advantageous in hitting our goal to fully finance the show by next year.’ Julianne Forde, Co-Founder & Producer, Tailored Films.
Tailored Films, Dublin
Cal McGhee, series creator and writer, Tailored Films.
Cal McGhee, series creator and writer, Tailored Films. Photo courtesy of Tailored Films.
‘Co-development support from Creative Europe is an immense advantage for the project and has provided a lot of assurance for me as a first-time screenwriter and series creator. Creating content that really connects with people is the reason we do what we do, so it is such an honour that Creative Europe see the value in the series. As a result, we can hone the show even more with this funding and devote the time and energy needed to make 'Yesterday's Girl' the best it can possibly be. I am so beyond grateful to Creative Europe for that.’ Cal McGhee, series creator and writer, Tailored Films
Tailored Films, Dublin
Conor Barry
Conor Barry, Producer, Wild Atlantic Pictures
'Thanks to Creative Europe’s Co-Development Support, Wild Atlantic has been offered an amazing opportunity to creatively move RAAN forward through the upcoming development period with our fellow partners in Germany and Norway. Providing varied perspectives is so important at this stage, and each country can now contribute in practical terms to the overall creative push of a project that requires such a skilful overlap of language, myth and genre. RAAN requires scale and ambition, and now in the most organic fashion, our respective skills can be forged together to realise a plan to make RAAN at this level.' Conor Barry, Producer, Wild Atlantics Pictures
Wild Atlantic Pictures

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