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Cineál Tionscadail
Music Publishing
Release Date
Irish Partner
Bardis Music Company
  • Lead Partner: ZEBRALUTION Digital Media Distribution (Germany)
  • Broma 16
  • Deezer
  • Fleepit
  • Independent Digital
  • Lusitanian Music Publishing
  • LyricFind
  • Mars Music
  • Metatron
  • Nord University
  • Unison Rights
Funding Strand
Cooperation Project – Large Scale
Year Funded
Funding Amount

Filleadh ar Cás-Staidéir

BELEM will drive new revenue streams to key players in the music industry by promoting European lyrics and the translations of these lyrics, alongside their monetisation. The project also aims to amplify the co-creation and co-production of European lyrics, adding new economic value to European musical and linguistic heritage.

The BELEM (Boosting European Lyrics via Entrepreneurial Monetisation) project places a strong focus on online and streaming lyric translations, as well as supporting publisher capacity building and the songwriters themselves on creation and translation.

BELEM will benefit labels, artists and audiences through providing better accessibility for lyric videos including translated lyrics. This will boost the sustainability and exportability of European Music songs for music publishers and songwriters.

Virtual and live concerts by European artists will be produced with subtitles, singing in their native languages, or a mixture of languages, and will be able to be understood by audiences in any country, in many languages.

In 2023, two artists were selected for BELEM funding. Polish musician Misia Furtak, and Irish artist Fiachna Ó Braonáin, who will translate his own catalogue.

‘The BELEM project will allow us to register and control the use of lyrics of original songs from our catalogue and to have them licensed and available on digital platforms such as DEEZER, SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE. We are establishing a database of our songwriting clients lyrics. BELEM will also fund the translation of local songs into Irish and the recording of the results.’ Peter Bardon, Bardis Music Company.

Filleadh ar Cás-Staidéir