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Musika Peripherika

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Musika Peripherika
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Filleadh ar Cás-Staidéir

Musika Peripherika is a music artist-centric project offering European bands and artists the opportunity to get EU-funded rights coaching and be featured in professionally filmed interviews and performance sessions.

Building on European musical heritage and folk traditions, Musika Peripherika is an innovative European audiovisual and music project documenting the creative processes in co-creation and field recording sessions filmed across Europe. The greater purpose served by Musika Peripherika: Namely to promote, develop and strengthen the under-valued peripheral music hidden across Europe on the geographic, genre or music industry level.

From this pool of musical filmed works, using a new .music Unique Identifier metadata code for each creator involved, the project maps out all creators involved in the music as well as audio-visual creative process and tests a new open framework for registrations with rights societies, in an automated, trans-European fashion.

In parallel with the filmed residencies, expert talks with music professionals from the music publishing and synch worlds inform the participants on their rights in the most remote communities of Europe - from the Sami in the North to the Mediterranean south.

The resulting films and recorded music, along with the corresponding metadata, will build up a new European Open Framework of musical and A/V rights to test ways through which we can increase the speed and transparency of rights distributions across Europe - both publishing rights as well as neighbouring rights. Furthermore, using the new .music domains for all participants as well as residency films, video clips, interviews and other A/V filmed output, the project will test ways through which the new .music websites, which will all be web 3.0 video-enabled, verified domains with HTTPS built-in can be linked through a new European music video portal to present, in the future, a viable European alternative to YouTube - with the key difference that revenues generated will be fairly paid out to the creators of the content: film-makers, production co's, record labels, music publishers, and of course artists. A new European Sound Labs production library will further promote cooperation between the music and A/V sectors across Europe, fostering freedom of artistic expression, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion, access, distribution and promotion.

Filleadh ar Cás-Staidéir