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The Racer

The Racer Blinder Films 600x338
Cineál Tionscadail
Feature Film
The Racer
Release Date
Irish Partner
Blinder Films

Calach Films, Caviar Films

Funding Strand
Single Project Development Funding
Year Funded
Funding Amount

Filleadh ar Cás-Staidéir

The Racer is directed by Kieron J. Walsh. Written by Ciaran Cassidy, Kieron J. Walsh & Sean Cook. Produced in Ireland by Blinder Films. Stars Louis Talpe, Matteo Simoni, Tara Lee.

THE RACER follows Felix (Louis Talpe), a pro cyclist, who dreams of becoming world champion. But when he joins an Italian team, headed by Bruno Leone (Fortunato Cerlino), he is dragged into a dark world of performance-enhancing drugs and corruption.

Filleadh ar Cás-Staidéir