Support for Film Education 2020

One of the priorities of the MEDIA Sub-programme is to support audience development as a means of stimulating interest in and improving access to European audiovisual works in particular through promotion, events, film literacy and festivals. The MEDIA Sub-programme aims to provide support to:

  • Activities aimed at promoting film literacy and at increasing audiences' knowledge of, and interest in, European audiovisual works, including the audiovisual and cinematographic heritage, in particular among young audiences.

The objective of the Film Education support is to stimulate the interest of the audiences, in particular young audiences, in European films and audiovisual works. The aim is to promote film literacy and film education in order to increase audiences' knowledge of European films and increasing the interest in these films, including works of the audiovisual and cinematographic heritage. It will also address the contribution that European films and other audiovisual works can make to education. 


Proposals must be submitted not later than 4pm Irish / GMT time using the online application form (eForm). No other method of submission of an application will be accepted. Applicants shall ensure that all the documents requested and mentioned in the eForms are provided. Please note that there is a new format - MEDIA Calls are now presented in one portal with Guidelines divided into two main partsPart A gives general information about the objectives, priorities, criteria and general rules applicable to all calls for proposals. Part B provides information and criteria per specific call for proposals. 


Projects providing mechanisms for better cooperation between film education initiatives in Europe with the aim to improve the efficiency and European dimension of these initiatives and to develop new and innovative projects, especially using digital tools.

The target audience of the film education initiatives must be young people under 19 years old.

Projects providing mechanisms for increasing the contribution of films and audiovisual works to education, including curated catalogues of films.

The projects should be based on a significant proportion of European films. Applications should include a description placing the project in the appropriate context within the audiovisual sector and a plan to collect, analyse and disseminate the results obtained. 

The Action must start between 01/09/2019 and 01/01/2020 

Eligible applicants

The applicant must be a consortium of entities (private companies, non-profit organisations, associations, charities, foundations, municipalities/Town Councils, etc.) established in one of the countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme and owned directly or by majority participation, by nationals from such countries.

The Programme shall also be open for bilateral or multilateral cooperation actions targeted at selected countries or regions on the basis of additional appropriations paid by, and specific arrangements to be agreed upon with, those countries or regions.

Projects require at least 3 partners, of which at least 2 partners coming from the film education sector. The partners must come from 3 different countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme and cover at least 3 different languages. 


The total budget available is €1.9 million. The financial contribution of the Union cannot exceed 70% of the total eligible costs of the action. The minimum requested grant shall be no less than €200,000

How to Apply

We are here to help, so please do contact Creative Europe Desk Ireland – MEDIA Office or MEDIA Office Galway, if you have any questions regarding your application.