Cinema Networks

CINEMA NETWORKS |  Deadline Extended to 15th July 2020

In order to support the theatrical release of European films, Creative Europe offers funding to cinema networks. If you represent a network of cinemas with over 100 members in over 20 countries the MEDIA programme and you screen European projects we can offer you support with the costs of running the network. Alternatively if you are an exhibitor you may wish to consider joining an existing MEDIA-supported network such as Europa Cinemas, a network of cinemas in Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean. Ireland currently has three member cinemas in the Network - the Irish Film Institute, the Cinemobile, and Access Cinema.

Eligible Activities

  • Actions aiming at promoting and screening European films.
  • Educational activities aiming at raising awareness among young cinema-goers.
  • Promotion and marketing activities in cooperation with other distribution platforms (e.g. TV broadcasters, VOD platforms).
  • Networking activities: information, animation and communication.
  • Provision of financial support to third parties (members of the applicant network) implementing eligible activities

How to Apply

If you are a Cinema Network and would like to apply for this scheme, click here for full guidelines and instructions on the application process for this scheme.

If you are an independent cinema that requires more information on the supported network, Europa Cinemas, please click here.