The co-development of one Animation, Creative Documentary or Fiction project for Cinema, TV or Digital Platforms

Deadline: 17th November 2021, 4:00pm Irish time


  • Nurture talent, competence and skills 
  • Stimulate cross-border cooperation, mobility and innovation in the creation and production of European audiovisual works
  • Encourage collaboration across Member States with different audiovisual capacities


  • Maximum €60,000 per partner (Max €100,000 for TV Series with production budgets over €20 million)


  • Application by a project leader and at least one partner with companies legally established in at least 2 different MEDIA countries

Project leader and partner(s):

  • Must be independent European audiovisual production companies
  • May not be affiliated entities
  • Must have a signed co-development agreement 
  • One of the partners must own the majority of rights – 50/50 split accepted

Project leader - Track Record

  • Must have produced one Animation, Creative Documentary or Fiction project of at least 24 minutes duration (unless VR) since 2014 
  • Which was commercially distributed in at least 3 countries other than their own at any time before the deadline.
  • Work produced by the Applicant company or a personal onscreen producer credit of the Chief Executive or one of the shareholders 


Only co-development activities for the following projects are eligible: 

  • Feature films, animations and creative documentaries of a minimum length of 60 minutes intended primarily for cinematic release
  • Fiction projects (one-off or series) of a total duration of minimum 90 minutes, animation (one-off or series) of a total duration of minimum 24 minutes and creative documentaries (one-off or series) of a total duration of minimum 50 minutes intended primarily for the purposes of television or digital platform exploitation
  • Interactive, non-linear fiction, animation or creative documentary projects (e.g. narrative virtual reality projects) of any duration 

The day of principal photography, or equivalent, of the submitted project must not be scheduled to occur within 10 months from the date of the deadline.


  • Applications for this call will be processed through the European Commission's Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal (F&TP) which can be found here.
  • Find detailed information on how to access the F&T Portal here
  • You can see further information on how to apply here.