access>CINEMA Partner in CINNOVATE Platform for Local Cinemas
14 July 2021

access>CINEMA Partner in CINNOVATE Platform for Local Cinemas

Congratulations to access>CINEMA who are a partner in the new CINNOVATE project co-funded by Creative Europe! CINNOVATE will create a new digital platform for local cinemas to complement the theatrical experience with new digital audience engagement and content features.

The competition was high, with a total of 37 applications, out of which 4 projects were selected for funding. The high-profile partnership for CINNOVATE gathers four of Europe’s leading arthouse cinema networks: Folkets Hus och Parker, Folkets Bio (Sweden), Access Cinema (Ireland) and Art kino mreža Slovenije (Slovenia).

Commenting on the announcement, access>CINEMA director Maeve Cooke said:

'Providing access to a wider range of cinema as a shared, cultural experience for people in their local communities has always been at the core of our work. This past year has, of course, been extremely challenging for both our network and the industry in general, but it has also resulted in cinemas trying new ideas and experimenting in very creative ways. 

Being part of CINNOVATE will allow us to complement and strengthen our network's traditional working model by using emerging innovations to reconnect with existing cinema audiences, whilst also reaching new audiences of all ages. We are also delighted to have the opportunity to work directly with other European cinema networks, which will allow us to share and learn from each other's experiences, as well as with the expert partners who will help us to build new activities in event cinema, VR and gaming.'

With a combined 308 screens in 3 territories, the project will be coordinated by VOD and digital distribution experts Rushlake Media and independent consultant Jan Runge. Additional content and network partners are Event Cinema Association (United Kingdom), Spielfabrique (Germany) and IMZ International Music + Media Centre (Austria). 

CINNOVATE (working title) has secured €380,000 funding to deliver innovative digital content and audience engagement platform. It will offer experiences in 5 interconnected areas:

  • Cinema-powered VOD
  • Event Cinema offers online
  • Gaming and VR in cinemas
  • Jukebox Cinema/ crowdsourcing
  • Virtual film literacy offers

All digital features of the platform build on the successfully service 'Kino on Demand' in Germany and are designed to re-engage with existing and new film fans in order to bring them back to the cinema. A much needed objective after the devastating impacts that the COVID-crisis has had and continues to have on cinema admissions across Europe.