Call for Proposals for Multilingual Audiovisual News Platforms
28 July 2020

Call for Proposals for Multilingual Audiovisual News Platforms

The European Commission has launched a call for proposals to improve the curation, circulation and dissemination of news content and informative, non-fictional programming, in at least one or several Video-on-Demand European platform. The call will require close cooperation of several media actors agreeing to share content amongst themselves. This content should be consistently reachable across as many EU countries as possible in at least five EU languages.

The aim of this call is to increase the variety of audiovisual news and audiovisual, informative programming available to citizens, by enhancing collaboration between media actors.

Applicants should demonstrate how their proposal will strengthen the European information space and ensure that citizens receive pluralistic quality information from multicultural and multilingual sources. Proposals should be accompanied by an outreach plan which identifies the target audiences and relevant multipliers for the final product.

Proposed content should be appealing and innovative with details on how the editorial arrangements would allow them to choose, categorise and contextualised topics. Proposals are expected to feed into existing European digital media platforms or the establishment of new platforms if needed, thus contributing to creating innovative spaces enhancing pan-European pluralistic debate.

The European Commission expects applicants to gather different news media organisations from at least five EU Member states, including a multicultural editorial team with proven professional credentials.

Find out more about this call and how to apply here. Deadline 15th September, 2020.