Creative Europe MEDIA Irish Results
05 November 2015

Creative Europe MEDIA Irish Results

The Creative Europe MEDIA funding results for the TV Programming Support Scheme and the Single Project Development Scheme have been announced. In total 28 projects were supported for a total amount of just over €7 million. Click here for a list of all projects supported. 


TV Programming Support Scheme - Irish Results                                                                                

Congratulations to Planet Korda Pictures who received support for their documentary Butterfly City. The project had received Creative Europe MEDIA Development support in 2014.  The next TV Programming Deadlines are 03 December 2015 and May 26 2016

Single Project Development  Scheme - Irish Results                                                                                

Congratulations to Irish Companies Footnote Productions, Fantastic Films and Black Sheep Productions who each received €50,000 to develop a Fiction project. Congratulations also to Whackala who received €25,000 to develop their documentary, Slow. The next Single Project Development Deadlines are 19 November 2015 and April 21st 2016.