Europa Cinemas Celebrates 25 Years of supporting European Film Exhibition
24 November 2017

Europa Cinemas Celebrates 25 Years of supporting European Film Exhibition

Europa Cinemas this year celebrates its 25th birthday. That quarter of a century has been among the most exciting and challenging periods in the history of cinema – not least in the transition to digital projection. The demands of an always-on, on-demand digital era are no less challenging but independent cinemas have reasons for confidence because they will be building on firm foundations.

Proudly supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, Europa Cinemas provides operational and financial support to cinemas that commit themselves to screen a significant number of European non-national films. They also host events, initiatives and promotional activities targeted at Young Audiences.

The cinema experience remains essential to the business and culture of European film despite a decade of disruptive change. That position has arguably even strengthened. But independent cinemas also represent vital spaces for their communities, acting as an engine of economic growth, regeneration and social cohesion. In Ireland there are 23 exhibitors that are a part of the Europa Cinemas network including Irish Film Institute, Lighthouse Cinema, Cinemax (Bantry), and the access>CINEMA network. 

europa cinemas conference | BUCHAREST | 24-26 NOVEMBER 2017

The 20th Europa Cinemas Conference will focus on the next stage of evolution for cinemas and for the cinema experience. The social, cultural and economic foundations for future growth will be examined in order to seek innovations and solutions for the challenges facing exhibitors and the broader film ecosystem. The core issues to be discussed this year: 

  • Extending and enhancing the cinema experience in changing times
  • Maximising audience engagement in a changing film culture
  • Diversifying and growing demand for European film
  • Enhancing the economic, cultural and social potential of cinema
  • Transparent measurement of the social and economic value of cinema
  • The challenges for the broader film ecosystem

The Conference offers the opportunity to debate the bigger picture for cinema and to share fresh thinking and practical ideas. This should be a dynamic, participatory conference with delegates taking away a common sense of purpose and direction. Over the coming months and years, the Europa Cinemas network hopes to turn that momentum into practical action.