European Film Forum at Berlinale 2020 will focus on Sustainability
12 February 2020

European Film Forum at Berlinale 2020 will focus on Sustainability

The EFF at the Berlinale will be held on 24th February in a NEW venue - the LANDESVERTRETUNG SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, DEN MINISTERGARTEN, 8, 10117 BERLIN. In keeping with the EC's European Green Deal, this year's European Film Forum will focus on sustainability within the audiovisual industry.

Film makers, producers and audiovisual organisations have started to make more and more content about climate change. Film and audiovisual productions are a tool to raise awareness. Not only, today, there is increased awareness of the need to do something about sustainability and more and more companies across the audiovisual value chain are working to reduce the industry’s ecological footprint.

By introducing more sustainable practices in their productions, the EFF Berlinale is the perfect venue to start a discussion on how European audiovisual industry could best apply green strategies to mitigate the environmental impacts of audiovisual productions. The film and TV industries are a successful driver for innovation, growth and jobs across Europe, but they are also a major source of carbon emissions. Films and audiovisual works can enlighten and educate the public and other industries.

However, it is important to also walk the talk and put in practice measures that reduce impact in the environment from the use of transport to construction, lighting to catering and the use of water. There are positive examples across the value chain of organisations taking action to mitigate the environmental impact.


14:00-14:15  Opening Introduction 

14:15-14:25 Sustainability

Conversation with Matthijs Knol and Christine Troestrum of the Berlinale European Film Market on the actions being taken in Berlin to address sustainability.

14:25-15:10 A Better Tomorrow

Oscar winning director Luc Jacquet has a lot to say about the power of film to raise awareness. He is best known for March of the Penguins winning an Academy Award for best documentary feature and also one of the highest grossing documentaries in history. Jacquet has always been interested in animal biology and nature and his latest work depicts the story of Claude Lorius who began studying Antarctic ice in 1957 and in 1965 became the first scientist to be concerned about global warming.

15:10-16:25 Greening the Industry

What is the audiovisual industry doing? What can we learn from different parts of the industry? How do we set an example? And what concretely needs to be done in the coming years to make a lasting impact? This panel will showcase best practices and discuss what the next steps should be.

  • Moderator: AC Coppens
  • Lucia Milazzotto, director of MIA (International Audiovisual Market)
  • Tim Wagendorp, Flemish Audiovisual fund
  • Philippe Gassmann, expert
  • Alvaro Longoria, Producer
  • Arild Kalkvik, CEO KinoNor, Chairman Film & Kiko, the Norwegian
  • Cinema Owner’s Association
  • Sky (name to be confirmed)

16:25-16:30  Closing Address

MEDIA cocktail to close the European Film Forum public session.