Great Success for Irish Film & Animation in latest MEDIA Results!
20 June 2019

Great Success for Irish Film & Animation in latest MEDIA Results!

Congratulations to the five Irish companies who have received Single Project development funding from Creative Europe MEDIA! In this round the companies received a total of €250,000 in development funding for their film and animation projects. This is a very strong result for Ireland in a very competitive scheme. It is also a testament to the talent being fostered by emerging production companies in Ireland. 

The five companies are: 

  1. TAILORED FILMS. Black Unicorn. Feature Film. €50,000. 
  2. LIGHT CUBE. Play It Again. Animation.€60,000.
  3. INK AND LIGHT. Stories from Backwoods. Animation.  €60,000.
  4. TIGER DARLING PRODUCTIONS. The Sparrow. Feature Film. €30,000.
  5. RIPPLE WORLD PICTURES. Ebony Smart & The Book of Learning. Feature Film. €50,000.

Ruth Treacy, producer with Tailored Films, who previously received Single Project funding for their film, The Winter Lake, commented:

‘We are over the moon to have successfully secured Single Project development funding from MEDIA once more with our sci-fi thriller 'Black Unicorn'. This funding is absolutely pivotal in helping independent European films make the leap from script to screen. It allows creative teams dedicate vital extra time to ensuring the script and packaging for a project is the best it can possibly be, before embarking on production. We are really excited to develop this project further with Creative Europe's support.’

Ink and Light producer, Tamsin Lyons is also delighted with this development support: 

‘As European producers and creators, it is very meaningful to have MEDIA support. The grant allows us to take development to the next level and to produce a set of high quality materials which will reflect the show's and our ambitions.’ 

Producer Alicia Ní Ghrainne commented: 

'On behalf of Tiger Darling Films and our producing partners, Hail Mary Pictures, we are thrilled to receive our first Creative Europe award. It's a fantastic stamp of approval for us and a perfectly timed boost for The Sparrow at this stage of development, right as we move towards prep. We are so grateful to Creative Europe for their careful consideration and faith in our project.' 

Since 2014, Creative Europe MEDIA has awarded almost €10 million to Irish companies. More than sixty Irish companies have grown thanks to MEDIA funding. Have a look at our short video to see some clips of Irish MEDIA funded films, TV, animations, documentaries, and more.