Latest Irish Success in MEDIA Funding Results!
26 June 2019

Latest Irish Success in MEDIA Funding Results!


Congratulations to the five Irish companies who have received Single Project development funding from Creative Europe MEDIA! In this round the companies received a total of €250,000 in development funding for their film and animation projects. This is a very strong result for Ireland in a very competitive scheme. It is also a testament to the talent being fostered by emerging production companies in Ireland.

The five companies are: 

  • TAILORED FILMS. Black Unicorn. Feature Film. €50,000.
  • LIGHT CUBE. Play It Again. Animation.€60,000.
  • INK AND LIGHT. Stories from Backwoods. Animation.  €60,000.
  • TIGER DARLING PRODUCTIONS. The Sparrow. Feature Film. €30,000.
  • RIPPLE WORLD PICTURES. Ebony Smart & The Book of Learning. Feature Film. €50,000.

Read the full story here - we asked producers from Tailored Films and Ink & Light how MEDIA development funding helps their projects. 


Congratulations also to Gambit Pictures who have received €85,000 in TV Programming Support for their documentary, Piano Dreams.

Results in this call also highlights the strength of Irish companies working in co-productions as three other projects with Irish co-producers received funding. Underground Films were one of a number of co-producers on the documentary Citizen Europe (aka Once in a Lifetime) from Greek company Anemon, which focuses on the journey of students in the Erasmus programme. Treehouse Republic are co-producers with Czech Republic company Bionaut, on the Animated TV series Hungry Bear Tales. Watch Next Media from France received funding for the Animated TV series BoyGirlDogCatMouseCheese which is co-produced by Kavaleer productions

All results in the scheme can be seen here.


46 Market events across Europe will be supported by Creative Europe MEDIA for a total amount of €6.8 million including the Galway Film Fair which takes place from July 11th-14th  during the Galway Film Fleadh.


Curzon Film World and Element Pictures Distribution recenty received €14,532 for the distribution in Ireland of non-national European Films. 

The results for Slate Development Funding are expected to be announced in August.