Looking for European TV Sales or Joint Financing for your TV Drama Project?
20 June 2017

Looking for European TV Sales or Joint Financing for your TV Drama Project?

The European Network of Creative Europe MEDIA Desks and Creative Europe Desk Ireland MEDIA Office is delighted to publish the 2017 Drama Directory Guide to European TV Drama Commissioning Editors and Buyers. The Drama Directory is a tool for TV producers in search of co-financing or TV sales for their Drama projects.

In particular, we hope the Drama Directory will be of assistance to potential applicants for Creative Europe MEDIA's Television Programming support scheme which requires a minimum of three pre-sales to European Broadcasters and a clear distribution strategy for circulation in Europe and beyond.

The Drama Directory is a very useful resource and tool for:

  • TV producers in search of CO-FINANCING for their television dramas
  • Producers looking for TV SALES for their DRAMA projects
  • Potential applicants for MEDIA TV Programming Funding 
  • Helping secure THREE pre-sales to European Broadcasters and developing your distribution strategy as required in your TV Funding application! 
  • Broadcasters and TV Producers alike.

The Drama Directory is an initiative of Creative Europe Desk Ireland MEDIA offices in Dublin and Galway, as well as a true European collaboration. Each Creative Europe Desk provides information on the TV Market and the TV Channels in its own territory. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the participating broadcasters for their generosity in providing the information contained in this directory. Thanks also to the European Audiovisual Observatory for allowing us to use information from their MAVISE database

The MAVISE Database provides you with detailed profiles of:

  • 42 national TV markets
  • Over 12000 television channels
  • Over 1400 on-demand audiovisual services
  • Over 8900 companies (broadcasters, packagers, transmitters)

We hope the Drama Directory will continue to be a useful resource for Television Drama Producers and Broadcasters alike. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions for future editions!