New Creative Europe Single Projects Awards for Irish Companies in 2017!
11 October 2017

New Creative Europe Single Projects Awards for Irish Companies in 2017!

Congratulations to Lightcube and Merlin Films who have been successful in their Single Project funding applications! There are two Single Project Results announced each year and in the latest round two Irish companies received a total of €110,000. In 2017, eight Irish companies have received Single Project funding amounting to a total of €390,000. Since 2014, 28 Irish companies have been awarded over €1.3million in Single Project development funding.

The next Single Project deadline is Thursday 23 November – if you have a fiction, animation, TV, virtual reality, or documentary project contact us in Dublin or Galway to see if you might be eligible to apply! We can also help you make the most of your application and ensure that you present your project in the best light. 

If you missed our recent Producers' Application Workshop you can download the presentation here which has key points for your TV, Single and Slate Applications. 

single project development | funding results second round 2017

  • Merlin Films received €50,000 for their fiction project, Halfway House. Merlin Films directors are Kieran Corrigan, one of Ireland 's leading film producers, and John Boorman, the renowned film director.
  • Lightcube received €60,000 for their animation, Weather Guardians. This is their second successful Single Project award - in 2016 they received €60,000 for their BeeMee Hearts animation.

We spoke to Sheena Macrae, Lightcube’s Creative Director, about their two Creative Europe Single Project awards.

‘Lightcube is delighted to have been awarded a Creative Europe Development award for the Weather Guardians, a new animated pre-school television series. The Weather Guardians help the adorable Moodimal animals on Emoto Island, whose inner emotional weather creates outer physical weather. Whether an argument causing a cracking thunderstorm or a lost toy a tearful bout of rain, the Weather Guardians are there to help - whatever the weather!’ 

The Creative Europe Development grants for the Weather Guardians and our past project, BeeMee Hearts, have made all the difference. It means we can compete with larger, more established and well-resourced companies. It gives us resources so we can draw new, young creative talent, fresh ideas and deliver our developed work at the highest standard of excellence. This award has enabled our success.

We would like to also thank all the people who have stepped forward to be a part of the project and Orla at Creative Europe for her ongoing support. Lightcube looks forward to bringing its Irish and European partnerships into the development of the Weather Guardians.’ 

merlin films | halfway house fiction 

Halfway House is a story of love and loss and death and a mediation on the relationship between film and life. The script is by John Boorman, one of Britain’s most acclaimed directors and a resident in Ireland for many years. As one of the commercial mainstream’s most independently-minded directors, Boorman is known for making films resplendent with great visual flair and taut narrative. The project is being developed by John Boorman, Kieran Corrigan, and Kate Shalloe at Merlin Films. It is intended to shoot the film in Ireland in the Dublin/Wicklow area where Merlin Films recently completed shooting Supervized, a comedy directed by Steve Barron and starring Tom Berenger, Beau Bridges and Louis Gossett Junior, due out in 2018.

lightcube | weather guardians project

On Emoto Station lives a team of five Weather Guardians. They monitor the weather of Emoto Island – a land where emotions can affect the weather. The creatures that live there are called Moodimals, and it is the power of their emotions that controls the weather patterns on the island. The mission of the Weather Guardians is to create balance and make sure the island gets enough sun, rain, wind, frost and every other type of weather. And when there's a hurricane approaching because someone’s had a big argument, they're on hand to help!

The Guardians’ home is a solar and wind-powered floating weather balloon station above the island. From there, they swoop down in a mini balloon, called the Weather Pod, whenever strange weather patterns are in play. Their goal isn’t to make everyone happy all the time, but to make sure all emotions – and all weathers – get their chance to shine (or rain, or sleet, or hail...). From time to time, their missions are thwarted by Mr Bronte, who wants to use the changing weather of the island to power his machine... which he plans to use to take over Emoto Island. Only, he never gets the chance, because he’s always foiled by the Weather Guardians.