Rangle is a New Irish App for Productions and Crew supported by Creative Europe MEDIA
08 June 2017

Rangle is a New Irish App for Productions and Crew supported by Creative Europe MEDIA

Two Irish projects were awarded Access to Markets funding by Creative Europe MEDIA in May, 2017. The first award went to the Galway Film Fair from an application by Galway Film Fleadh which has received Access to Markets funding for many years. And this year the Irish production company, Park Films, were also successful in their application for Rangle, a digital platform with a mobile app that connects productions with crews. Rangle has The Irish Film Board and Enterprise Ireland as official partners. 

Read more the Access to Market scheme and recently funded projects here. Below we talk to producer, AnneMarie Naughton, founder of Park Films in Dublin, about the evolution of Rangle, and how it will benefit the Irish industry. 

ABOUT park Films

AnneMarie Naughton is a producer and founder of Dublin-based Park Films. Park Films have collected over 30 international awards for short films & features. Their latest feature directed by Ivan Kavanagh, The Canal, premiered in Tribeca and went on to achieve significant international critical and commercial success. Picked up in North America by The Orchard and released in cinemas in the US,  along with the UK and Ireland. This was their third feature collaboration with writer and director Ivan Kavanagh following Tin Can Man (2012) and The Fading Light (2010-World cinema section, PUSAN International Film Festival). The Fading Light also won the Critics’ Circle Award ‘Best Feature’ and ‘Best Actor’ in the 2010 Jameson Dublin Film Festival.

Park Films most recently produced a six-part documentary series The Field, based on real land dispute cases across Ireland. A co-production with Northern Ireland Screen and broadcast on TG4, Nov 2016. AnneMarie is a founding member of Women in Film & TV, Ireland.        

INTERVIEW WITH AnneMarie Naughton, Park Films AND RANGLE

1.Congratulations on getting Market Access funding for Rangle! Can you tell you us more about Rangle?

Thank you so much, we are very excited, and so happy to have the fantastic support of Creative Europe MEDIA! Rangle is a brand new digital tool for the industry that allows production companies to quickly check crew availability, and for crew to keep in the loop of what is going on work wise. We have a website for production companies and a sister app for crew - it’s incredibly easy to use and we hope will solve a well-known cause of stress which is crewing up. With Rangle you’ll be able to access crew lists with the touch of a button through the website. On the other end - in the app - we want it to be as easy to use as WhatsAPP for crew.

2. Can you tell us a little about how and why you came up with the idea for Rangle?

Having worked on many productions, I know first hand what it’s like to keep all the balls in the air and get your production off the ground. Good content requires great people but connecting the people with your project dates so you can go into production can be a lengthy, time-consuming process of old-school rolodexing. Why spend hours, days, on the phone, email, text-tag trying to find out who’s available when we can get all that information onto one platform, a single database that you can send out a ‘push’ and check who might be free for your upcoming dates? 

There is no single reliable source where all skilled crew are listed for each of the different sectors we cover: 

  • Feature Film 
  • TV Drama 
  • Animation 
  • Commercials 
  • TV and TV Doc
  • Post Production including VFX

Rangle is a simple new way to crew up any production.

3. Are there other partners involved?

I have teamed up with Andrew Burke, as my co-director, and up-and-coming producer, currently working on Vikings. The Irish Film Board and Enterprise Ireland are official partners. International supporters are Olffi (Europe) and Cinelytics (U.S) both terrific innovative tech platforms built to help the industry in different ways. We’re really excited to see how these relationships can grow. Some of the local support we’ve gained includes Cartoon Saloon, H2 Commercials, Monster, Cosmo Films, Grand Pictures, Egg Post Production, and more.

4. When will Rangle be up and running?

The tech has gone through a rigorous development period, including market testing, trials, and re-testing to perfect the product to suit the industry. We’re hoping to have a full platform ready to launch in the coming months. Our aim is to get this into the hands of everyone in the industry. Starting with all skilled crew and talent, in the above sectors. Crew can sign up now at Rangle.ie - we’ll send you the App to download as soon as it’s ready, we’d love to hear what you think and keep you in the loop for when we launch with our production companies. The Rangle App will always be free to download. Please spread the word we’re coming! 

5. How can production companies and crews benefit from Rangle? Will its impact reach wider than just the local industry?

Initially we are focussing on the industry at home. Ireland is a good starting point for a solid launch and to finesse the product and industry ties. We have exciting plans and ideas to disrupt further territories through co-productions so there are huge opportunities to scale and eventually assist in streamlining the co-production landscape.

6. What does MEDIA’s support of Rangle mean for you at this point in the project’s development?

It is such an amazing boost for us at this point. We are feeling confident with our progress and product now. Developing working tech is not always simple and this funding will help us complete a final testing phase and create a focused strategy to gain the traction we need for this first phase of this product.

7. Have you any advice for others who might have a good idea that qualifies for MEDIA funding?

MEDIA are such a helpful organisation and the Irish branch are especially friendly and open. They were so helpful across the whole process so don’t be afraid to speak with them about your idea. Be thorough and keep your goal in mind. Fact checking is so important as is research, and knowing the steps you need to take to realise your idea.  Everything is a long road but timing of a product, supporting partners and team, and a good business model can really make all the difference.

Many thanks to AnneMarie for talking to us. We wish Park Films the best of luck with Rangle