Three Irish Games Companies receive Support for Video Games funding in 2018!
09 October 2018

Three Irish Games Companies receive Support for Video Games funding in 2018!

Congratulations to the three Irish game companies who have been successful in the latest Creative Europe MEDIA Video Games funding round! There were five Irish applicants in total for this round. The three successful applicants are:

  • Gambrinous (Cardpocalypse)
  • Isometric Dreams (Sunken Spectre)
  • Simteractive Ltd (Designer Life)

They received a total of €398,279 in this round. Since 2013, Support for Video Games call has seen Irish games companies granted €833,279 in development support. The next Video Games Call is expected to be announced in October with a deadline in early 2019. We will host a Video Games application workshop in January 2019 so make sure to sign up for our Newsletter (below) to get news of calls and workshops! 

Support to Video Games, 2018 – Notes on Applications

You can view the full table of results here. Below are some notes which might be helpful if you are considering an application in the next Support for Video Games Call: 

  • Applications were received from 24 participating countries and 12 countries are represented in the list of 30 selected projects.
  • As this call applies only to narrative games most of the selected games are single-player games only.
  • 3 out of the 30 selected projects are specifically targeted at young audience. 
  • As in previous years, the most represented genre is adventure games which applies best to narrative genre. Action-Adventure, RPG (Role-Playing Games) and Strategy games are also well represented as they are also highly narrative games.
  • 25 of the 30 projects proposed for selection are planned for PC which is still the favourite platform for gamers.
  • The second most-represented platform is gaming consoles as there are many narrative video games released on the console market.
  • 13 of the selected games are for mobiles devices which is also relevant as there are less narrative video games on this platform than on PC or consoles.
  • There is a large majority of PEGI 12 and 16 (22 in total) which is very much in line with the market trends.
  • The statistics drawn from the projects recommended for selection are in line with the current trends of the video game industry.