Tips & Tricks - How European is Your Project?
17 December 2020

Tips & Tricks - How European is Your Project?

Getting ready for Creative Europe 2021-2027! As the next Creative Europe Programme is still being negotiated, it may be a few more months before we announce the various funding calls that will be available. While we don’t have the details of the calls, we do know that the basic remit of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme is to support European projects that work on an international basis. 

With this in mind and while we wait for further concrete information from Brussels, you can start thinking about your projects now to see whether they would be a good fit for MEDIA funding. Whether the project is a Creative Documentary, Animation or Drama or even if it’s a Festival, Market or Training Programme, the basic question that you should be asking yourself is, ‘Will this project work internationally?’ Is your Market, Festival or Training Programme truly pan-European? Think about who your European partners could be. 


The remit of Creative Europe MEDIA is to increase the capacity of film producers to develop European audiovisual works with a potential to circulate in Europe and beyond, and to facilitate European and international cooperation. In order to check if your projects are aligned with MEDIA’s remit it is worth considering the following:

Who is your audience? Is your project aimed at a European/International audience? 

It may be a very local story but it must be clear to the reader that it has universal appeal. Setting your film in multiple European locations does not automatically give it universal or international appeal and is not required. Authentic, well-developed stories which despite local cultural references still appeal to audiences worldwide are more likely to be supported. The challenge is to show this on paper at the development stage. Ask yourself if someone in another country would understand and want to watch or experience your Film, Programme, Game or VR project?

Are your Strategies European and International? 

If your project is truly aimed at the European and International market then all the Strategies you outline in your application - Development, Financial, Marketing and Distribution - should also be European and International. 

Development Strategy

Does your development strategy include working with European partners or co-producers, attending international markets, pitching internationally, and attaching European financiers. 

Financing Strategy

Does your Financing strategy include investment from European Broadcasters, Sales Agents, Distributors, Co-producers? Check out Ollfi for information on funding in other European countries.

Distribution Strategy

Is your Distribution strategy European/International? Which platforms and territories are you targeting and why?  

Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing strategy international in scope including International Festival campaigns, launching at international markets, working with European Distributors or Broadcasters on marketing campaigns in different territories?

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