Tips & Tricks - How to Find a European Partner
21 January 2021

Tips & Tricks - How to Find a European Partner

In the second article in our series on getting prepared for the next Creative Europe Programme, we focus on finding a European partner. Whether you have an animation project or are running a film festival, you will need to have European partners onboard to be in with a chance of securing Creative Europe funding. 

European markets, festivals and training programmes provide the ideal opportunity to build relationships with your European counterparts whether they are producers, or distributors, sales agents or festivals. The markets in particular are the meeting points for the industry across Europe but the training programmes allow you to build strong long-lasting relationships and in some cases to pitch your project in a safe training environment. You can find a list of the most recently supported Training Programmes here.

Even through the current circumstances, most markets and training programme are still taking place albeit online. Sign up for our Newsletter here for regular information on upcoming MEDIA supported Markets and Training Programmes.

We are all aware how difficult it is at the moment to meet new people seeing as all the markets are currently online. However, think about the people that you have met at previous markets or training programmes. You’d be surprised how many people that you may have met over the years! Make a list of those who you would like to work with - those who you think would be good for your project. 

Alternatively, think about what countries that you would like to work with or which would suit your project. Have a look through to see what funding the country offers. Film funding generally requires that a partner from that country is involved so if a certain country’s film funding looks promising, then think about what contacts you have there. 

Once you have your contact list, reach out to them. Drop them an email. Having a European partner onboard can only be beneficial for your project. It will open up avenues of financing and distribution that would have been previously unavailable to you. Having written proof of this partnership will also help your Creative Europe MEDIA application enormously. 

Once we have further information on the programme, we will be sending out Call Alerts to our database and arranging information Webinars. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on the timeline for the launch of the new Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027.