WALLAY is the winner of the European Film Academy Young Audience Award 2018!
08 May 2018

WALLAY is the winner of the European Film Academy Young Audience Award 2018!

Congratulations to director Berni Goldblatt on Wallay winning the YAA 2018! Juries of 12-14 year olds watched, debated and voted in 43 cities across Europe as well as in Australia. It was a close race but in the end Wallay (France/Burkina Faso/Qatar) by Berni Goldblat was declared winner of the 2018 EFA Young Audience Award.

In the Irish Film Institute in Dublin, a jury of 18 children watched the nominated films and discussed them in detail before casting their votes. The Irish event was a partnership between Creative Europe Ireland MEDIA and the Irish Film Institute and was generously supported by the BAI Sectoral Development Fund.

The Irish jury worked hard on a hot summer's day in their debates on each of the films helped by the wonderful facilitator, Ciarda. Well done to all the children who took their job very seriously and has lively, intelligent debates on each film. 

watch the nominated film online 

The YAA now also includes various platforms for the general public to watch the nominated films on VoD platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft and Pantaflix, on the regional Balkan-platform Cinesquare, as well as on local platforms like Filmin.

EFA Productions teamed up with Under The Milky Way for this initiative with the support of Creative Europe MEDIA to make the nominated films available for young viewers all year around. Finally, those who could not participate in the EFA Young Audience Award event now have the possibility to watch the nominated films online. The three films nominated are online now - more information here