Well done to usheru on their MEDIA award for their Film Promotion Website!
11 September 2019

Well done to usheru on their MEDIA award for their Film Promotion Website!

Congratulations to usheru / We Love Cinema who have received MEDIA funding under the Promotion of European Works Online strand! usheru will develop a website platform called Home-for-Film (aka EuroFilm Platform) to help film fans discover great European films to watch - from film festivals, to cinema and home entertainment. The platform will also provide data for industry players on the performance of European film and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This is the first Irish award under this scheme for which usheru received €194,520.

'usheru' is the trading name of We Love Cinema Ltd. They create websites for national film promotional agencies, film studios and distributors, filmmakers and film festivals that connect their marketing directly to the cinema box office. They integrate with cinema Points-of-Sale to improve the return on investment of marketing and supply detailed marketing analytics.  

‘We are really thankful to Creative Europe for believing in our vision and we are excited to build a product which will help fans find great European films. The European film industry is competing for audience time with the heavily funded Hollywood industry and to punch above their weight, filmmakers and distributors need to make smarter marketing and distribution decisions. Our role is to help them make data-led distribution choices. This project would not be possible without Creative Europe and will help us add five new jobs in 2020.’ Oliver Fegan, Co-founder, usheru. 

They will work with national film promotional bodies to create a Home-For-Film website platform that will serve as an interactive, continually evolving database for all of a country’s national film. Within the website, users will be able to:

  • Learn about current cinema releases and buy tickets to their local cinema.
  • Find out when they can see films from their country at a film festival near them wherever they live in the world.
  • Search for where to stream a film on a VOD platformor purchase a DVD or BluRay.
  • ‘Demand it’ - if a film isn’t available where they are, they can request it and sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

As an example, a fan of Irish film who is living in Brussels. While browsing online they see an ad for a new release from Neil Jordan. They click the ad and are brought to the Screen Ireland promotional website. There, they find that the movie is playing at a cinema near them and buy their tickets. They can sign up for email updates about similar releases in the future. On the same website they can also find other Irish films to stream on VOD platforms in Belgium. If there’s a film they want to watch that isn’t available in their area, they can choose to be notified when it becomes available.

Through this platform, a film promotional body can consolidate all of their country’s film fans in one place, learn more about their customers, track which advertising campaigns are leading to the most sales and retarget website visitors with personalised digital advertising for upcoming releases. They can see what locations around the world have the most interest in their films and use that information to leverage wider distribution. Through the sign-up and demand-it feature, a database of fans will also be gathered.

The ultimate purpose of this platform is to increase sales of cinema tickets and online viewing figures over time, and support the ongoing success of independent, international film.

Best of luck to the usheru / We Love Cinema team with their ambitious platform!