€11.05m Funding Awarded to Irish Audiovisual Industry by Creative Europe MEDIA since 2014


The Slate Funding Development Scheme provides support to established production companies to help them develop a slate of projects aimed at an international market. Sixteen Irish companies have received over €3.8 million for project development of film and TV Slates since 2014. Full results are available here. Have a look at CURRENT PROJECTS screening now, in production, or coming soon!

The companies that have recieved Slate Funding to help them develop their projects are:
Cartoon Saloon, Element Pictures, Samson Films, JAM Media, Fantastic Films, Telegael Teoranta, Brown Bag Films, Crossing the Line, Kavaleer, Fastnet Films, Subotica, Treasure Entertainment, Deadpan Pictures, Moetion Films, Green Pavilion, Savage Productions, Underground Films, Film & Music Entertainment (IRE) and Wild Atlantic Pictures. Check out our interviews with the successful companies here and find tips for your applications. 


This scheme is for production companies, established for at least 12 months, who wish to develop a new project with international potential for cinema, television, or a digital platform for which they own the majority of rights. 

43 Irish companies have received Single Project Funding totalling €1,980,000 for the development of documentaries, animation projects, and feature films. All companies and their projects are listed here


Market Access Funding supports actions or tools that enable the circulation of European and international co-productions including short films, video games, television series, and cross media works. The scheme also supports networking by facilitating access to markets, and the use of innovative business tools to increase the visibility of projects. 

In Ireland, the Galway Film Fair, at the Galway Film Fleadh, has been a long-standing recipient of this the Access to Markets Scheme. In 2017, Park Films was awarded funding to support its app, Rangle, which connects productions with crew. You can read more here about the different kinds of projects supported under this scheme. 


The Television Programming Scheme is for European production companies who wish to produce fiction, creative documentaries or animated films involving no less than three broadcasters in different member states of the European Union. The definition of Broadcaster has been expanded to include VoD and SVoD providers.

Animation company Wiggleywoo received €130,291 for the production of their TV series, The Day Henry Met. Planet Korda was awarded €25,704 for the documentary, Butterfly City. JAM Media received €400,000 for the animated series, Becca's Bunch; Kavaleer €266,500 for Circle Square. Crossing the Line Productions were given €170,000 for the documentary, Cuba's Wild Revolution and most recently, €150,000 for Big Bend - America's Wild Frontier. In 2019, Gambit Pictures received €85,000 for the production of their documentary Piano Dreams which received Single Project Development funding in 2017


Video Games Development is for companies who have produced at least one recently published video game who wish to invest in the development of a new video game concept or prototype. The game company must have proven experience and the game must be based on a narrativeStorytoys Ltd. received €110,000 for their game CLIKS under the Video Games development scheme. Tribal City Interactive have been awarded twice with receiving €60,000 for their project, Runes of Aran and most recently €115,000 for Tir Annan. In 2016 round, Pewter Games Studios Limited received €150,000 for their game Athanasia. In the 2017 round (awarded in 2018) awards were granted to Gambrinous, Isometric Dreams and Simteractive. In 2019, two Irish game companies were successful in their 2018 applications: Timeslip Software (Donegal) and Psychic Games (Galway). 

TRAINING | €1,227,975

Funding for Training supports activities that increase the skills and networking capabilities of professionals in the audiovisual sector.  Bord Scannán/The Irish Film Board and Screen Training Ireland have received six funding awards (up to 2019) for their Screen Leaders programme under the Training Providers Scheme. 


One of MEDIA's priorities is to support Film Education and audience development as a way of encouraging interest in European content as well as improving access to European audiovisual works via promotion, events, film literacy, and festivals

Cinemobile (Fís na Mílaoise Teo) received €59,960.60 for their project, North by Northwest, in which they partnered with organisations in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Scotland to bring the best of European Cinema to outlying regions in these territories. 

DISTRIBUTION | selective €74,600

Groups of 7 or more European theatrical distribution companies can apply for support for the theatrical distribution of any recent work of fiction, animation or creative documentary with a minimum duration of 60 minutes. The application must be co-ordinated by the sales agent of the film. Cinema Distribution Funding has been awarded to the Access Cinema network, Wildcard Distribution and Element Distribution in Ireland. 

FESTIVALS | €165,000

Cork Film Festival received €55,000 for Cork Film Festival, 2018; €55,000 for 2019; and €55,000 for 2019. 


We Love Cinema (usheru) received €194,520 for their EuroFilm Platform to help film fans find European film content online.