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Congratulations to Cartoon Saloon on their Golden Globes nomination for Wolfwalkers!

Wolfwalkers; Cartoon Saloon
Wolfwalkers; Cartoon Saloon

Congratulations to Cartoon Saloon on their Golden Globes nomination for Wolfwalkers for Best Motion Picture, Animated! The film is the fourth animated feaure from Irish company, Cartoon Saloon, to be supported by Creative Europe Slate Development Funding. The film is Cartoon Saloon's third co-production with Melusine Productions, Luxembourg.

Wolfwalkers it's a hand-drawn animated feature film written and directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart. The film is about Robyn, a young apprentice hunter, who comes to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last wolf pack. When she saves Mebh, an Irish girl, Robyn begins to understand the importance of the Wolfwalkers.

Wolfwalkers Co-production Case Study Video

Creative Europe Ireland MEDIA and Creative Europe UK teamed up to host an Online Co-Production Case Study of Wolfwalkers featuring Paul Young and Gerry Shireen from Cartoon Saloon. The film is Apple’s first animated feature making it an insightful co-production case study for producers. Watch the video playback of the session below.

Paul and Gerry talk about include the importance of good quality viusal 'pitch books' to help sell animated features at European and international markets like CARTOON Movie. They also used a 'behind the scenes' video for Wolfwalkers for pitches to showcase the concept design as well as their studio in Kilkenny.

Cartoon Saloon have also been proactive in creating merchandise for their animations. Some of the Wolfwalkers merchandise available include a graphic novel, an art book, a board game and a jigsaw. Watch the video to get more insights! If you are a film fan, you can sign up for our monthly Film Lovers Newsletter or if you work in the industry, sign up for our Industry Newsletter as well as our Quarterly Newsletter on MEDIA Markets & Training opportunities.

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