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Congratulations to Irish Single Project Recipients!

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Congratulations to the three Irish companies who were successful in their Single Project Development
applications in 2020! This scheme supports independent European production companies who wish to develop a new project with international potential for cinema, television, or a digital platform.

The three successful companies are:

  • Magpie 6 Media, The Wee Littles, €60,000
  • Roundstone Media, Young Pirate Queen, €50,000
  • Dream Logic Animation Studios, The Ghastly Ghoul, €60,000

Over €12.6m has been awarded to Irish projects, programmes, distributors and film festivals under the current Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

The Wee Littles | Magpie 6 Media Entertainment

Magpie 6 Media was founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Clifford Parrott and Christina O’Shea. The studio is currently working on The Wee Littles, the third TV series it's created and financed. The Wee Littles is a Digital Stop Motion Preschool Series (52×5′).

‘Magpie 6 Media is honoured to receive its first Creative Media Development award for an original animation series for Pre Schoolers. The show was inspired by the Irish flora and fauna of County Clare’s magical woodlands. The characters are real hand-crafted stop motion puppets which are then scanned into a digital environment creating a unique world, inhabited by a very small forest family called ‘The Wee Littles.’ Creative Europe has allowed the further exploration of this unique pipeline and we are truly grateful for their support and faith in the project.’
— Christina O’Shea, Producer, Magpie 6 Media

Young Pirate Queen | Roundstone Media

Roundstone Media is a new Irish start-up focused on creating and producing innovative entertainment for digital natives. Young Pirate Queen is inspired by the life of Grace O'Malley and looks at her early childhood growing up in the west of Ireland as she struggles to find her place. The story incorporates elements of Irish and European myth and history as young Grainne and her best friend Flaherty fight an ancient evil that threatens their people.

The series is being developed for television but was originally written as a Radio Drama that was recorded remotely by the team during the initial lockdown in March this year. An application to develop the concept for TV was made to Creative Europe in May after the writer began to explore adapting the scripts for television.

‘This has been a passion project of mine for some time. I grew up spending my summers not far away from one of Granuaile lookout towers near Ballyconelly and her story is one I have always identified with. I wrote the scripts first as a radio drama while doing an MA in creative writing at Trinity last year. The idea was to test the material as a drama podcast for kids. We recorded the episodes during the March lockdown with some amazing actors, people we would never have gotten access to during normal circumstances. Everyone involved was just really passionate about the work. That part of the project will air on RTÉ Jnr and as an RTÉ podcast from January 2021.

The concept has obviously since then taken on a life of its own. RTÉ Jnr is supporting another new series based around the concept for Radio. And of course, we are just processing the incredible news that Creative Europe is coming on board to fund the development of the TV series. Irish kids and their European counterparts are smart, sophisticated, and intelligent. It's a privilege to be able to develop new original content for them. With Creative’s Europe’s support, we’re doing that and were just really grateful for it, especially in such a competitive round as the last one. We can’t wait to start working on bringing the adventures of a Young Grace O’Malley to Irish and International TV screens.’
— Triona Campbell, Writer & Producer, Roundstone Media

THE GHASTLY GHOUL | Dream Logic Animation Studios

Dream Logic Studios is a multi award-winning animation / live action production company and studio based in Dublin, Ireland.

The Ghastly Ghoul concept: Every year, the monsters from Halloween Town come to Earth to trick or treat for one glorious night of mischief before the gateway back to their world closes again. This is the story of Gary, a cute little monster that doesn’t believe he’s scary enough and so he disguises himself as The Ghastly Ghoul. When he misses the gateway back home, he is trapped in the human world. He forms a friendship with a young girl, Beatrix, who is struggling with her own fears around the macabre holiday and together they help inspire a sense of self-belief in one another and try to find a way to get Gary home again in a Halloween night filled with magic and adventure.

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