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Creative Europe Ireland MEDIA Results 2014 - 2020 Review & Videos

MEDIA Review 2020 7 X3

We're delighted to share our Creative Europe MEDIA Ireland Results 2014 - 2020 Review and new promotional videos!

We're delighted to share our Creative Europe MEDIA Ireland Results 2014 - 2020 Review which you can download here! The Irish version will be available soon.

The MEDIA programme has invested €48 million in the Irish audiovisual industry since 1991 and celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. MEDIA has been instrumental to the growth of Irish companies both nationally and on a European level.

Between 2014 and 2020, over €13 million was awarded to Irish companies through Creative Europe MEDIA. This direct funding went to Irish companies across the film, documentary, animation, TV and video games sectors. It’s clear that Irish companies have earned the MEDIA seal of approval in the last programme leading to the international success of projects like Wolfwalkers, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, The Favourite, Handsome Devil, The Day Henry Met, Cuba's Wild Revolution, and many more.

We also present our new promotional videos in English and Irish below. Both feature a host of wonderful Irish films, animations, TV programmes as well as Screen Leaders, Cork Film Festival, and Galway Film Fair.

MEDIA in Ireland

Film and TV development has always been an important resource accounting for 58% of the funding awarded (€7.5 million) with 22 companies receiving Slate funding and 39 companies awarded funding under the Single Project Funding scheme. Films such as The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Handsome Devil and Wolfwalkers were supported alongside documentaries Mattress Men, School Life and Wild Ireland as well as TV shows Dead Still, Acceptable Risk and Becca’s Bunch.

'It has been a very strong seven years for the Irish audiovisual industry. We’re honoured to be in a position to be able to help the industry tell their stories to audiences across the world. It’s wonderful to see so many strong creative projects coming to life with the support of MEDIA. We look forward to the next Creative Europe programme and to supporting the Irish audiovisual sector for years to come.’
— Orla Clancy, Creative Europe Desk Ireland – MEDIA Office

View from the West

Creative Europe MEDIA invested a total of €1,867,798 in the audiovisual and Video Games sectors in the West of Ireland. Half a million euros was invested in Gaeltacht companies representing 3.8% of the total Creative Europe MEDIA funding to Ireland.
The majority of funding received was for the development of Film and TV projects and Video Games.
  • Slate Funding: 3 companies - Telegael Teo, Moetion Films and Soilsiú Teo - received €585,000.
  • Single projects: 7 companies - Magamedia Teo, Soilsiú Teo, Aliceway/Bandit Films, Léirithe Rúnda, South Wind Blows, Lunar Pictures and Magpie 6 Media - received €285,000 for the development of
  • Video Games: 4 companies - Tribal City Interactive, Isometric Dreams, Psychic Games and Timeslip Software - received a total of €566,077 for the development of 6 Video games.

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