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Local Media for Democracy Grant

Local Media Grant 2023

The new European grant programme called Local Media for Democracy is a pilot media funding scheme that will give €1,200,000 in financial support to local, regional and community media who are struggling to serve the public interest in the so-called 'news deserts' areas in Europe.

These news desert areas can be a geographic or administrative area, or a social community, where it is difficult or impossible to access reliable, diverse and independent local, regional and community media. In other words, news deserts can emerge not only where there are no media outlets, but also where there are newsrooms captured by economic, political or other interests.

The media selected for this scheme will also receive technical and strategic mentorship support from media experts to improve journalism innovation, organisational capacity and business sustainability, managed by International Media Support (IMS).

Who can apply?

Any incorporated legal entity can apply with a registered seat in one of the EU27 countries or teams of journalists (physical persons) having legal residence in the EU27 (including the 9 EU outermost regions).

The next deadline is 28th September 2023.

The Local Media for Democracy project is an 18-month project co-funded by the European Union and launched by a consortium of partners: European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF), International Media Support (IMS), and Journalismfund Europe.

In addition to the grant programme, these organisations are undertaking a multifaceted programme to help struggling local, regional and community media in the news desert areas in Europe, by providing financial support, organisational capacity building, and conducting research mapping the situation on the ground.

For more information about the #LocalMedia4Democracy project, click here.

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