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Push Boundaries: Translate! Webinar Thursday 28th April

Push Boundaries: Translate; Creative Europe Desks Webinar, 28/4/2022
Push Boundaries: Translate; Creative Europe Desks Webinar, 28/4/2022

In the framework of Creative Europe's call for Circulation of European Literary Works, the Creative Europe Desks will host a webinar dedicated to the challenges and opportunities for the European publishing sector.

What is the best way to make European fiction more accessible cross-borders? How can we tackle the needs of the book sector in terms of internationalisation? How to assure that translation becomes a means of bridging linguistic barriers and foster access to cultural diversity, while guaranteeing fair remuneration for authors and translators?

The programme manager of the book sector at the European Commission will give an update on the policy framework and the recently published OMC group report Translators on the Cover. Invited experts we will look at the crucial needs for the sector in terms of internationalisation.

Guest Speakers

  • Arnaud Pasquali, European Commission Programme Manager, Book sector
  • Corinne Rigaud, European Education and Culture Executive Agency, Head of Sector, Creative Europe horizontal and sectorial actions including book and publishing sector
  • Arturo Peral, Literary Translator
  • Polona Konjedic, European Education & Culture Executive Agency
  • Tara Lennart, Literary consultant & Literary Translation call evaluator

This webinar is a joint initiative of Creative Europe Desks from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, and The Netherlands.

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