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Run for the Border 2024 - Broaden Your Gaming Network!

Run for the Border 2024
Run for the Border 2024

Run for the Border 2024 will take place in Dundalk on Friday, 10th May. The event is designed to encourage cross-border collaboration and partnerships for game developers on the island of Ireland. Tickets are on sale now with option to include coaches from Derry, Galway, Belfast and Dublin.

Run for the Border is designed to encourage cross-border collaboration and partnerships for game developers on the island of Ireland. This North-South shindig will be a friendly, social event designed to meet new people over a meal and drinks.

Transportation to the event will be supported in the form of hired coaches departing from Belfast, Dublin, Derry, and Galway (see below for links). Ticket prices are the same whether you take a seat on a coach or you’re travelling there on your own. Fees go towards covering event costs and any excess will be put toward future events.

You can find out more here about Run for the Border, ticketing options, and how it will work on the night.

Quick link to all Run for the Border ticket options.

Tickets plus Coach Trips

Space is limited on the coaches. If you need a seat, grab one immediately! Once the limit has been reached, there will be a waiting list. Click on the links below to purchase your Across the Border tickets and coach trip from your nearest city.

Run for the Border is supported by Creative Europe Desk Ireland - MEDIA Office, Northern Ireland Screen, Screen Ireland, Ardán, Spooky Doorway, Italic Pig, and Hypixel Studios.

What if I don’t know anybody? What if I’m travelling alone?

Run For The Border is an event designed to facilitate contacts and partnerships, from your own region or from anywhere in the North or South of Ireland. In other words, the whole point is to meet people you’d maybe like to work with in the future.

If you’re travelling on one of the coaches, let the coach host (the one checking tickets and counting heads) know that you’re on your own, keen to meet people, or would like any kind of introduction. What better way is there to make friends than when you’re stuck on a bus together for a few hours?

Event Details for Your Comfort

At the event, people will be offered nametags, as well as pronoun stickers and social distance indicators at the door for your comfort and the convenience of others. There are plans for some optional icebreakers to get people talking to each other, and an “open mic” segment to allow anyone to promote themselves or seek contacts. If this isn’t enough, make yourself known to any of the organisers or volunteers (in fact, do that anyway!), and don’t be afraid to ask them to help you jump into a new group.

RFTB may be taking place in a pub, but the intention is to keep the light levels high and the background music low so that conversation is easier.

The hosts will make a point of highlighting people in the room you can speak to if at any time you are feeling unwell, uncomfortable or unsafe.

Would you like to feature as a 'Lightning Talk' Speaker?

RFTB features a collection of 10 minute 'lightning talks' on a range of topics from the North and South. If you’ve got something you think others in the games industry would find fascinating, intriguing or eye opening, the organisers would love to hear from you. Grab your ticket first, then email with SPEAK PLEASE as the subject line. If your talk is selected the organisers will happily refund your ticket.

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