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SERIESMAKERS for film directors moving into TV series

Series Makers 7x3

SERIESMAKERS is a new creative initiative which focuses on feature film directors who venture into the world of series created by Series Mania Forum & BETA Group.

Ten teams with an idea for a scripted TV series will be selected to participate SERIESMAKERS tailor-made training program focused on developing a full pitch deck. Experienced mentors and A-list directors, showrunners, writers, and producers will guide new series creatives in online workshops.

At the end of the Programme, a Jury will award two teams with a €50,000 award each to develop a pilot script and a bible with additional creative support. In addition, a new award of €20,000 for emerging talent introduced by the Kirch Foundation will be established to the Beta award for two selected projects of €50,000 each.

The awarded teams will be presented at Series Mania Forum 2023 and will be given the opportunity to participate at Series Mania Forum 2024 to present their projects.


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