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Algo-rhythms (2022)

Algo-Rhythms Meeting, Día 2023
Algo-Rhythms Meeting, Día 2023
Project Type
Music, Artificial Intelligence
Algo-rhythms (2022)
Irish Partner
AIM Ireland
  • Irish Partner: AIM Ireland
  • Lead Partner: Melboss Music (Spain)
  • European Music Managers Alliance (Estonia)
  • Associacao Empresarial Why (Portugal)
Funding Strand
Cooperation Projects Smaller Scale
Year Funded
Funding Amount

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Algo-Rhythms will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital marketing to develop pilot solutions and empowerment activities that will contribute to increase the mobility of music professionals, artists and their works.

Algo-rhythms (2023 – 2025) is innovative European project dedicated to empowering artists and revolutionizing the way they navigate the vibrant LATAM music market. With the transformative capabilities of AI and Smart Data, this project provides personalised mentoring and strategic guidance to European artists looking to break into the dynamic landscape of the LATAM music industry.

Algo-Rhythms believes that every artist has the potential to unlock new avenues of success. They offer invaluable insights and tailored support, equipping artists with the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their careers. As a bridge connecting European talent with the diverse and thriving music scenes across Latin American countries, the project fosters cultural exchange and facilitate cross-continental collaborations.

Their mission is to raise awareness among European musicians about the boundless opportunities that exist within the LATAM market. Algo-Rhythms empowers artists by providing strategic guidance, data-driven insights, and mentorship, enabling them to make informed decisions and strategically position themselves. By capitalising on the rich tapestry of musical traditions and audiences present in LATAM, artists can expand their horizons and reach new heights.

‘In the realm of transformative initiatives, the timely infusion of Creative Europe funding within the first 18 months of AIM Ireland's establishment stands as an essential cornerstone. This invaluable support not only nurtures our organisation, but it fosters boundless possibilities for our members, while offering remarkable avenues for growth as a dynamic trade association.  At this pivotal juncture, the project Algo-Rhythms, which AIM Ireland are partners on, woven with themes of AI and leveraging big data for audience expansion in the arts, resonates with profound relevance. The confluence of cutting-edge technologies and artistic expression is poised to redefine the creative landscape, and this funding empowers us to be at the forefront of this revolutionary shift. AIM Ireland's partnership with Creative Europe is not simply about financial support, but a testament to the shared vision of a thriving creative ecosystem. It heralds an era of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective growth, positioning us as a catalyst for innovation and progress.’ Gill Dooley, CEO, AIM Ireland.

Find Out More

  • Algo-Rhythms Website
  • AIM Ireland. AIM Ireland is the Irish Association of Independent Music and the collective voice of the independent music industry in Ireland. Their mission is to promote growth, awareness and opportunities for the independent music industry at a national and international level.

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