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Artist-Run Network Europe (ARNE)

Generic Network
Project Type
Multi-disciplinary, Research
Artist-Run Network Europe (ARNE)
Irish Partner
Ormston House, Limerick.
  • Lead: Candyland, Stockholm, Sweden
  • KRÆ Syndikatet (Denmark)
  • Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (Lithuania)
  • Stichting The Naked (Netherlands)
  • Top E.V (Germany)
  • Totaldobre (Latvia).
Funding Strand
Smaller Scale Cooperation Project
Year Funded
Funding Amount

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Led by Candyland in Stockholm, ARNE (2020 - 2022) project will work with artists and curators in Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden. The project will broaden the opportunities for the artist-run art sector and make it more accessible to a range of audiences. The project has two main goals: to strengthen the self-organised artist-run sector in Europe with a focus on local and international cooperation, and to create a simple and sustainable educational framework for art professionals and art students.

Within the project, Ormston House will research and develop tools for demonstrating the social impact of Artist-Run Initiatives with both local and international artists, curators, researchers and partners.


Artist-Run Network Europe will create a sustainable educational framework for art professionals and art students that will include a user-generated online platform - Artist-Run Resource Centre (ARRC).

The ARNE partnership includes Candyland, Ormston House, Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjunga, TOP, KRÆ syndikatet, alternative art guide and Totaldobže, and associated partners Artist-Run Alliance, Juxtapose Art Fair, Konstfack and Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair.

The project will address the gap in methodically collecting, categorising and sharing knowledge and skills unique to the independent artist-run sector. It will deliver programme activities with a wider public outreach in mind.

The aims of ARNE are to:

  • Strengthen the European artist-run sector by connecting artist-run initiatives and heightening the mutual awareness of their activities, methods and structures.
  • Promote transnational mobility of artists from the independent artist-run initiatives.
  • Share knowledge with and deliver training and education to peers from the art sector and art students.
  • Improve the awareness and accessibility of artist-run initiatives to broader spectrum of audiences.

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