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Project Type
Literature, Visual Arts
Irish Partner
Tigh Fili (IE)

The Eurochild project began in 1995 with a series of poetry workshops that took place in schools and youth groups in Cork city and county as part of Tigh Fili Art Centre youth outreach programme. Following the success of the workshops the children's work was published.

The following year Eurochild was invited to France to take part in the Euroecole Children's Festival in Nantes. This initiated an exiting relationship which has resulted in the project having contact with over 378,000 Irish and European children over the past 10 years.

Now Eurochild includes the annual publication of the Eurochild Anthology of Poetry and Art, the Eurochild International Festival in June, and a poetry outreach programme which takes place in Ireland throughout the year.

  • To encourage children to become aware of the diversity and cultural wealth in Europe;
  • To link schools around Europe and learn about their culture, customs and language;
  • To encourage children’s creativity through art and poetry;
  • To build an appreciation and awareness of different cultures;
  • To discover what it means to be a young European.

"The goal of the National Children's' Strategy is giving children and young people a voice in matters that affect their lives The National Children's Strategy is the governments plan to make sure that children have a good childhood and grow into happy adults - projects like Eurochild give the opportunity to express themselves through art and poetry" - Brian Lenihan TD, Minister of State, Department of Health and Children.

"I am delighted to see that the Eurochild International project has achieved so much in bringing children together from all over Europe -publishing the work of work of young artists and poets and that it has now given children from several European countries the opportunity to gain practical experience of how democracy works" - Jan Figel, European Commissioner for Education and Training.

Funding Strand
Strand 2 - Annual Operating Grants 2009
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