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MAP XXL Creative mobility

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Project Type
Performing Arts, Visual Arts
MAP XXL Creative mobility
Irish Partner
Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork

Pepinieres europeennes pour jeunes artistes, France, City of Huesca, Cultural Department (ES), Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation (FI), Centre culturel de rencontre – Abbaye de Neumunster (LU), CIANT (CZ), UNITER (RO).

Funding Strand
EU multi-annual grant
Year Funded
Funding Amount

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The aim of MAP XXL is to promote the mobility of artists and cultural workers from all disciplines with a view to stimulating new creative processes. It will enable more than one hundred artists from across Europe to work together. It was awarded a multi-annual EU-grant in order to broaden the organisation’s scope to encompass the whole of Europe.

Seven co-organisers and 104 partners in 26 countries are involved. Three areas of activity are covered.

  • The first is a mobility programme aimed at stimulating new forms of expression through fresh encounters and exchanges, resulting in the production of art within a culturally diverse context.
  • The second set of activities is communication-based. They seek to promote audiences’ understanding and awareness of new approaches and productions, through the organisation of various events (European forum for emerging creation, ‘Park in progress’, etc.). These events are a genuine platform for dialogue and the starting point of new co-productions. The project also seeks to develop new media partnerships and new media (interactive database, written publications).
  • MAP XXL’s third activity is a programme to promote co-production, produce training tools to develop both the artistic and professional skills of young artists, and provide professional and financial support for new partnerships.

Approximately 70,000 people are expected to be reached by the various activities. Other expected results include increased mobility for over 100 young artists in 26 partner countries, the production of around ten events reaching a broad audience, the growth of the network, greater circulation of co-productions developed within the programme, ongoing partnerships, and enhanced professional skills through the workshops.

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