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Small size big citizens

Small Size Network
Project Type
Youth Arts
Small size big citizens
Irish Partner
Baboro International Children’s Festival, Galway

La Baracca S.R.L (Italy), Ville De Limoges (FR), Accion Educativa (ES), City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Anantalo Arts Centre (FI), Gledalisce Za Otroke, Slovevia.

Funding Strand
Strand 1.1 Multi-annual cooperation grants
Year Funded
Funding Amount

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The project supports the rights of young children to enjoy the arts, to be part of artistic processes fostering their emotional intelligence and helping them to develop their sensibility skills.

The purpose of the project is to spread the exchange of ideas on performing arts for the early years (0-6 years of age) within Europe, creating a "territory" of meeting, exchange and knowledge in order to work together on the development and promotion of projects, events and initiatives.

The primary objective of the project is to make an increasing number of young children, in an increasing number of European countries, approach artists and their artistic acts; while trying to support, qualitatively and quantitatively, artistic production for children from 3 to 6; foster artistic experimentation; value the need for continuous exchange between art and education; and support the mobility of operators.

Activities include trainings, website, production of artistic performances, publications, mulitmedia-products, festivals, showcases, workshops, events.

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