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The Ghastly Ghoul

The Ghastly Ghoul Case Study
Project Type
Animated Special
The Ghastly Ghoul
Release Date
Irish Partner
Dream Logic Studios

UK company Lupus Films

Funding Strand
Single Project
Year Funded

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Every year, the monsters from Halloween Town come to Earth to trick or treat for one glorious night of mischief before the gateway back to their world closes again. This is the story of Gary, a cute little monster that doesn’t believe he’s scary enough and so he disguises himself as The Ghastly Ghoul.

When he misses the gateway back home, he is trapped in the human world. He forms a friendship with a young girl, Beatrix, who is struggling with her own fears around the macabre holiday and together they help inspire a sense of self-belief in one another and try to find a way to get Gary home again in a Halloween night filled with magic and adventure.

The Ghastly Ghoul
was developed with the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA and the assistance of Screen Ireland.

  • Tx: 7th October 2022 on Sky + and streaming platforms.
  • Tx: 31st October 2022 on RTÉ2.

Dream Logic Studios is a multi award-winning animation / live action production company and studio based in Dublin, Ireland.

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