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The Syncromesh Project (2022)

The IAC team
The IAC team
Project Type
Audio Drama, Performing Arts
The Syncromesh Project (2022)
Irish Partner
International Arts & Communications, Dublin
  • LEAD PARTNER: International Arts & Communications, Dublin
  • Asociatia Hoinart (Romania)
  • Georgian Public Broadcasting (Georgia)
  • Profi Ukraine (Ukraine)
  • Szubjektiv Ertekek Alapitvany (Hungary)
  • Qendra Mesdheu (Albania)
  • Universita Degli Studi Della Tuscia (Italy).
Funding Strand
Cooperation Projects Medium Scale
Year Funded
Funding Amount

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Syncromesh (2023 - 2026) project will introduce early career performing arts professionals both to the potential of audio drama and to the creative potential of international collaboration.

As live theatre struggles with rising costs and audiences only slowly returning after Covid, audio drama is enjoying a new golden age. A relatively young art form, just enjoying its centenary, there has been an explosion of opportunity as digital technology plays to the strength of the art form.

Audio drama can now be made via remote collaboration and distributed worldwide through the internet. But despite this profusion of opportunity, there are few opportunities specific professional training in this field - in contrast to the opportunities for film makers or theatre directors and even fewer of which are based on international collaboration.

This project will provide the tools and the insights such as audience, income generation and dissemination strategies that will enable participants to develop international careers in this art form. Syncromesh will create a set of resources and networks which will ensure a sustainable legacy and open new doors for the next generation of audio drama creatives. They will be supported to produce a slate of new work, working together in cross cultural, multi-linguistic small groups.

‘With the support of Creative Europe, the Synchromesh project is launching a game-changing programme in the world of European audio drama. This is the first professional development programme of its kind, specifically intended to help early career professionals move into audio drama and internationalise their practice. We are working with partners from Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, Albania, Hungary and greatly looking forward to our first summer school to be held in Timisoara in Romania at the end of August.  For us as a team, this is the start of a very ambitious three years. Having just completed an EU funded youth audio drama project as a participating partners, we are very excited by the prospect of the adventure ahead as IAC takes the lead to raise the profile of this most versatile of art forms across Europe.’   The IAC Team, Dublin

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  • Syncromesh EU Website
  • International Arts and Communications (IAC) is a creative cultural company focusing on live and recorded artistic performance and events. They make theatre, virtual reality creations and experiments in audio drama as well as create and R+D opportunities for artists and technologists. IAC is interested in pushing ‘technology meets arts’ boundaries and taking the best from both disciplines.

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