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Versopolis Platform

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Project Type
Versopolis Platform
Irish Partner
Munster Literature Centre, Cork
  • Lead partner; Beletrina Publishing Institute, Slovenia
  • Literature and Wine (Austria)
  • The Student Cultural and Artistic Association 'Ivan Goran Kovacic' (Crotia)
  • Ideogramma (Cyprus)
  • Prague Microfestival (Czech Republic)
  • Felix Poetry Festival (Belgium)
  • Runokuu (Finland)
  • Tbilisi International Festival of Literature (Georgia)
  • Hausach LeseLenz (Germany)
  • Poets Circle (Greece)
  • Genoa International Poetry Festival (Italy)
  • Druskininkai Poetic Fall (Lithuania)
  • Struga Poetry Evenings (North Macedonia)
  • City Cultural Institute (Poland)
  • Poets in Transylvania (Romania)
  • Public Library Stefan Prvovencani (Serbia)
  • Ars Poetica - Liberation Through Poetry (Slovakia)
  • Beletrina (Slovenia)
  • Littfest (Sweden)
  • Ledbury Poetry Festival (UK)
  • NGO Publishers’ Forum (Ukraine)
  • Cevrimdisi Istanbul Dergisi (Turkey)
Funding Strand
European Platforms
Year Funded
Funding Amount

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Versopolis Platform (2017 - 2021) is a Europe-wide poetry project of renowned literary festivals, exposing, connecting and bringing the poetry closer to audiences and through collaboration and mutual enrichment adding value and a sustainable vision of the initial European idea.

Versopolis will help authors already established in their home countries spread their poetry across borders, its first and foremost aim being to promote European poets and their work and to create a close-knit poetic community.

Versopolis also publishes an online literary magazine - the European Review of Poetry, Books and Culture - which aims to provide an Anglophone publication, in the vein of the New York Review of Books and the London Review of Books but focused on continental Europe. Publishing 1-2 new articles every weekday, its scope is pan-European, with great new writing on books, poetry, art, film, music, thought, travel, opinion and more.

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