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About Creative Europe

The EU programme supporting cultural and creative sectors.

Creative Europe is the European Commission's flagship programme to support the culture and audiovisual sectors.

The Creative Europe programme 2021-2027 has a budget of € 2.44 billion, almost double the budget of the previous programme. Creative Europe invests in actions that reinforce cultural diversity and respond to the needs and challenges of the cultural and creative sectors.

The main objectives of the programme are to:

  • Safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage.
  • Increase the competitiveness and economic potential of the cultural and creative sectors, in particular the audiovisual sector.

The novelties of the programme will contribute to the recovery of these sectors, reinforcing their efforts to become more inclusive, more digital and environmentally more sustainable.

The Creative Europe programme is divided into 3 strands:

  • The MEDIA strand supports audiovisual companies to develop, distribute and promote European works as well encouraging cooperation across the audiovisual industry and nurturing new talent. The priorities of the 2021-2027 programme are structured around 4 clusters:
  • The Cross-Sectoral strand supports innovation and collaboration across the cultural and audiovisual sector. This is achieved through:
    • Policy cooperation
    • Services provided by the Creative Europe Desks
    • Creative Innovation Lab
    • Support to the news media sector and journalism