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MEDIA Film News September 2022

Young Audience Award - Nominated Films 2022
Young Audience Award - Nominated Films 2022

MEDIA supported films screening this month across Ireland in cinemas and online.

MEDIA supported films screening this month across Ireland in cinemas and online. We also highlight films showing in independent cinemas and cinema clubs that are part of the Europa Cinemas network. The Irish members of Europa Cinemas include:

Young Audience Awards | 3 Nominated Films

Every year thousands of young film enthusiasts aged 12-14 from across Europe act as a jury, watch nominated films in cinemas and online, and vote for the winner of the Young Audience Award. It is an official category of the European Film Awards. In Ireland, Irish Film Institute and Galway Junior Film Fleadh take part in holding screenings and putting together local juries.

The 3 films nominated for Young Audience Award 2022 include two feature films and one documentary:

  1. Animal (France); directed by Cyril Dion. Documentary following teens Bella and Vipulan as they travel to meet with scientists and activists around the world, searching for another way of living alongside other species, as co-habitants rather than predators.
  2. Comedy Queen (Sweden); directed by Sanna Lenken.
  3. Dreams Are Like Wild Tigers (Germany); directed by Lars Montag.

The award ceremony will take place on 13th November in Erfurt, Germany and will be streamed on the YAA website. On the same day the CICAE will organize the European Arthouse Cinema Day. Together, both events will kick-off the 'Month of European Film' - the first of many events celebrating European cinema.

PINA | Triskel Arts Centre, 12 - 14 September

In PINA (2011), Legendary dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch’s unique creations transformed the language of dance, offering visual and emotional experiences like no other. This Oscar-nominated documentary takes the viewer on a visually stunning journey of discovery onto the stage with the legendary ensemble and follows the dancers out of the theatre into the city and the surrounding areas of Wuppertal which for 35 years was the home and centre for Pina Bausch’s creativity.

KINO DREAMS The Reveries of Wim Wenders is the first UK/Irish retrospective of Wenders’ films in 15 years and the first chance for UK/Irish audiences to experience the new restorations of Wings of Desire, The American Friend, Kings of The Road and MEDIA-supported Pina in cinemas.


Directed and written by Pawel Pawlikowski. In post-war Poland, Wiktor (Tomasz Kot) and Zula (Joanna Kulig) fall deeply, obsessively and destructively in love. As performing musicians forced to play into the Soviet propaganda machine, they dream of escaping to the creative freedom of the West. But one day, as they spot their chance to make a break for Paris, both make a split decision that will mark their lives forever.

A SEASON OF CLASSIC FILMS | In person and online screenings for 2022

A Season of Classics Films is a series of free film screenings across Europe to celebrate our shared cinematic cultural heritage. The programme raises awareness of the work of European film archives, connecting the public with cinema history and the significance of film preservation. Most of the films are premiere digital restorations and some screenings include live performances and educational interactive sessions.

All films are available with English subtitles. Additionally, French or other subtitles are in some cases available. This is an initiative of the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (ACE) with the support of the EU Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

  • 7th September | Vera Klichkova: Film Legacy of a Pioneering Ethnologist | Yugoslavia, 1954-1966, 79′ [world premiere restoration]
  • 8th September | Slovenian Experimental Classic Films | Yugoslavia and Slovenia, 1965-2013, 63′ [world premiere restoration]
  • 30th September | Manasse | Romania, 1924-1925, 54′ [world premiere restoration - programme & link TBA]
  • 11th October (Göteborg), 19 October (Stockholm), 1 November (Malmö) | With Reindeer and Sled in Inka Länta’s Winterland / Med Ackja Och Ren i Inka Läntas Vinterland | Sweden, 1926, 59′ [new restoration with live music - programme & link TBA]
  • 23rd October | Janko the Musician / Janko Muzykant | Poland, 1930, 104′ [world premiere restoration- programme & link TBA]
  • 23rd October | Change of Life / Mudar de Vida | Portugal, 1966, 94′ [world premiere restoration - programme & link TBA]
  • 27th October | Corpses / Cada Ver Es | Spain, 1981, 81′ [world premiere restoration - programme & link TBA]
  • 10th November | The Prague Executioner / Pražský Kat | Czechoslovakia, 1927, 99′ [world premiere restoration- programme & link TBA].

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