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European ARTificial Intelligence Lab

Myriad Tulips; Mosaic Virus by Anna Ridler
Myriad Tulips; Mosaic Virus by Anna Ridler
Project Type
Digital Arts
European ARTificial Intelligence Lab
Irish Partner
The Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin
  • Lead Partner: Ars Electronica, Austria
  • Kersnikov Institute (Slovenia)
  • Ariona Hellas S.A (Greece)
  • Laboral Art and Industrial Creation (Spain)
  • Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento (Spain)
  • Associacion Hexagone Arts et Sciences (France)
  • Le Lieu unique (France)
  • SOU Festival (Georgia)
  • Gluon (Belgium)
Funding Strand
Larger Scale Cooperation Projects
Year Funded
Funding Amount

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The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab (2018 - 2021) will bring AI related scientific and technological topics to audiences and will contribute to a critical and reflective society. The project will focus on aspects beyond the technological and economic horizon to scrutinise cultural, psychological, philosophical and spiritual aspects.

The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab will foster the position of artists regarding their exploitation of new business models, activity fields and professional networks. An extensive activity programme in the form of exhibitions, labs, workshops, conferences, talks, performances, concerts, mentorships and residencies will foster interdisciplinary work, transnational mobility and intercultural exchange.

'‘ARTificial Intelligence Lab in July 2019, was a summer programme for 15 - 18 year olds featuring art, design and robots. A collaboration between the Trinity College Dublin Robotics & Innovation Lab, and Science Gallery Dublin, this week-long summer programme was a chance to explore science, engineering, art and design and to work through the creative process of devising technology-based solutions to real-life problems.’
Across Borders Across the Board Vol 3 2017–2019

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