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Innovative Tools & Business Models


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Scribe, Wiggley Woo
Scribe, Wiggley Woo

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The Innovative tools and business models action is aimed at encouraging the development and/or the spread of innovative tools and business models to improve the visibility, availability, audience and diversity of European works in the digital age and/or the competitiveness and/or the greening process of the European audiovisual industry.

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  • Improve the competitiveness of the European audiovisual industry and seize the benefits of the innovative developments in technology and business models.
  • Improve the adaptation of the European audiovisual industry to the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence and the development of virtual worlds.
  • Improve the greening process of the European audiovisual industry.
  • Improve the production and circulation of European audiovisual works in the digital era.

  • European organisations from countries participating in the MEDIA strand.

  • Subtitling or accessibility/discoverability/recommendation tools that would be widely used across borders and across platforms in order to improve the visibility, the availability and the audience potential of European audiovisual works.
  • Business tools improving the efficiency and the transparency of the audiovisual markets: automated rights management system, technology for data gathering and analysis.
  • Business models seeking to optimise the synergies and complementarities between the distribution platforms such as festivals, cinemas, and VOD.
  • Business tools exploring new modes of production, financing, distribution or promotion enabled or enhanced by new technology (AI, big data, blockchain, Virtual worlds / Metaverse, NFT, etc.);
  • Innovative tools and business models improving the greening process of the audiovisual industry.
  • The action does not cover the development of hardware such as cameras or virtual headsets.

  • Project budget (maximum grant amount): No limit. The grant awarded may be lower than the amount requested.
  • The grant will be a budget-based (actual costs, with unit cost and flat-rate elements). This means that it will reimburse ONLY certain types of costs (eligible costs) and costs that were actually incurred for your project (NOT the budgeted costs).