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This new call aims to exploit synergies among existing ecosystems. It will develop cooperation potential to reach economies of scale across supported activities. This action will support the creation and promotion of European content, increase uptake of new technologies and business models for the audiovisual sector.

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  • to exploit synergies among existing ecosystems, to develop further cooperation potential, to reach economies of scale across different supported activities, create impact across the value-chain.
  • support activities related to facilitating the creation and promotion of European content, and/or the uptake of new technologies or business models for the audiovisual sector.
  • activities will have benefits across the value chain for Talent and Skills; Markets and Networking; Support to international co-productions; Innovative Tools & Business Models; and Audience Activities and will be implemented by recognised European players, resilient to change and in capacity to attract a large European and international participation.

  • Companies established in one of the countries participating fully in the MEDIA strand and owned directly or indirectly, wholly or by majority participation, by nationals from such countries. When a company is publicly listed, the location of the stock exchange will in principle determine its nationality.
  • Projects must be co-produced with at least one producer from a country not participating in the MEDIA strand.
  • The share of the co-producer(s) coming from countries participating in the MEDIA strand must amount to a minimum of 20%. Under no circumstances, the share of the co-producer(s) coming from countries participating in the MEDIA strand can exceed 70%.

  • Project budget (maximum grant amount): No limit. The grant awarded may be lower than the amount requested.
  • Grants may NOT produce a profit (i.e. surplus of revenues + EU grant over costs). For-profit organisations must declare their revenues and, if there is a profit, it will be deducted from the final grant amount

Projects must cover activities in at least two of the following segments. Special attention will be given to applications presenting adequate strategies to ensure a more sustainable industry and improve gender balance, inclusion, and diversity.

  1. Activities covered by the Talent and Skills support from MEDIA strand. Activities may take the form of training courses or mentoring programmes based on innovative learning, teaching, mentoring and coaching methods, using the latest digital technologies, with a strong focus on e-learning provision and the creation of MOOCs.
  2. Activities covered by the Markets & Networking support from MEDIA. The support is foreseen for activities such as promoting European and international co-productions; increasing access to trade events and markets; increasing the circulation of European works, in Europe and worldwide on all platforms in all formats.
  3. Support for international co-productions between companies based in a Creative Europe country and those not in the programme countries.
  4. Activities covered by Innovative Tools & Business Models to increase the availability, visibility and audience of European works in the digital age and/or contribute to increase the competitiveness and the greening of the European audiovisual industry.
  5. Audience activities providing mechanisms for pan-European cooperation with the aim to stimulate interest and increase knowledge of audiences in European films and audiovisual works including specific programmes on film heritage. Projects providing mechanisms to increase the contribution that existing European films and audiovisual works, including curated catalogues of films, make towards audience development and education.