Creative Europe (2014-2020) will support European creative sectors with a budget of €1.46 billion.

The Creative Europe Culture Sub-programme has four main funding strands, each for a particular type of action. The objectives of the programme are pursued through the implementation of the following measures:

The bulk of the Culture sub-programme budget (approximately 70%) is granted through the European cooperation projects strand.

The Creative Europe Culture Sub-Programme has a fixed calendar of deadlines for the funding period 2014–2020. You can see details of upcoming funding deadlines in a table below when and as calls are published.  

ActionDeadlineStart DateDuration
Call for Tenders: Platform for Cross-border Distribution of European Performing Arts
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31 July 2020
Pilot Project - Measuring EU Cultural & Creative Sectors
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14 September 2020

Please visit our FAQ section to view some frequently asked questions. Alternatively you can email with specific queries regarding the funding available under the Creative Europe Culture Sub-programme.

Special actions

In addition to the direct funding offered through the Culture Sub-programme, the European Commission also funds support measures for Special Actions. These actions are designed to raise awareness of Europe’s culture and heritage sectors by rewarding achievement and highlighting excellence.