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Europe Beyond Access Co-Production Support Funding

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Are you a Deaf and/or disabled artist based in Europe with a passion for dance, choreography, or movement? Do you have experience of leading an artistic process? Europe Beyond Access invites you to apply for co-production support to bring your artistic vision to life.

Applications are now open for European Deaf and/or disabled artists seeking co-producers for new artistic works based in dance practice, choreography, or movement.

This Open Call is issued by Europe Beyond Access (EBA), a consortium of ten leading European dance and performing arts organisations supported by Creative Europe. Europe Beyond Access supports disabled and/or Deaf artists to break the glass ceilings of the contemporary performing arts sector and to become Europe’s next artistic leaders.

Co-production Support

Co-production support of between €15,000 and €40,000 for each project. EBA offers opportunity for public presentation at two or more of our partners’ venues, companies or festivals.

The deadline for First Stage applications is the 19th May 2024.

Following this deadline shortlisted projects will enter into a period of idea development and discussion with the EBA partners. Then the applicants will submit a more detailed application in September 2024. A minimum of three new artistic productions or projects will be supported.

Who can apply?

If you self-define as Deaf or disabled, you are eligible to apply. EBA Co-productions must be led by one or more Deaf and/or disabled artist. Or, the productions may be led by collectives that include disabled artists in equal positions of leadership.

The application itself must be made by the Deaf and/or disabled lead artist or artists, or those working collaboratively.

The lead Artist(s) must have previous experience of making work, in either local, national or international contexts. Proposals can come from independent artists with or without a producer or production support or proposals can come from artists working with established companies.

EBA are open to receiving project proposals which have already, or will have, other co-producers or support from other funds. You will be asked about this in the application process.

Artists must be resident in one of the countries of the European Union, or in any of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

What are EBAS looking for?

They want to support artists to make more ambitious and innovative work. This could be a first international production and/or a project that includes more collaborators, for example. However, proposals should be achievable and be a logical next step in your practice or career.

They are looking for:

  • New works that can be presented at two or more of our Partners’ venues or festivals. We are flexible on how the works can be presented but they must be transferrable and flexible to be shown in different locations.
  • New ideas and projects that are led artistically by Deaf and/or disabled artists. We are looking for projects that are based in dance practice, choreography or movement or that utilises different disciplines that explore body and motion.
  • Projects that are presented on stage or in an alternative format (for example film, installation, or site-specific work).
  • Work of the highest artistic quality.
  • Submitted ideas and projects can be at various stages of development, but must not yet be in production.

Call Document, Application Guide and Application Form

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