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Open House Europe (2023 - 2026)

Open House EU cs
Open House Europe (2023 - 2026)
Release Date
Irish Partner
The Irish Architecture Foundation, Dublin
  • Lead Partner: Architekturos fondas (Lithuania)
  • Open Chaous Gkris (Greece)
  • Afront Zavod Za Prostorsko Inovativnost (Slovenia)
  • Trienal De Arquitectura De Lisboa (Portugal)
  • Asociacion Open Urbanity Para La Divulgacion E Investigacion Avanzadaen Arquitectura Y Urbanismo (Spain)
  • Associazione Open House Milano (Italy)
  • Spolek Kultura & Management (Czech Republic)
  • Mittetulundusuhing Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus (Estonia)
  • Open House Stockholm (Sweden); Forum Kunst Und Architektur Ev (Germany).
Funding Strand
Cooperation Projects - Larger Scale
Year Funded

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Open House Europe is a project that seeks to foster a more inclusive debate about architecture as a shared European identity, bring the values of quality spaces to the general public and empower citizens to advocate for a well-designed built environment.

Open House Europe joins 12 local Open House events – weekend festivals - during which notable buildings in a city open their doors for free guided tours, lectures, discussions, performances, and other activities.

Open House Europe is a cooperation project that unfolds a multi-layered view of quality architecture across Europe and unites people of all professions, interests and visions – from volunteers and curious enthusiasts to young and experienced professionals and organisations.

Open House Europe builds bridges between professionals and the curious public by utilising their common passion for architecture. It seeks to provoke dialogue, encourage the exchange of knowledge, and foster community building.

This interconnection helps to reach the audience with different architectural ideas that have shaped and are still shaping architecture in Europe. By engaging different stakeholders in a debate, Open House Europe prompts people to imagine, shape, and build a future together.

Open House Dublin

Open House Dublin invites experienced volunteers to apply to participate in an international volunteer exchange programme in 2024. Exchange volunteers will have a unique opportunity to participate in an Open House festival in another European city, to expand their knowledge and experience of volunteering, while also making new connections with like-minded architecture and culture enthusiasts.

In 2024, experienced volunteers may apply for the following cities:

  • Brno (17-19 May)
  • Prague (17-19 May)
  • Vilnius (17-19 May)
  • Stockholm (4-6 Oct)
  • Tallinn (11-13 Oct)
‘The local Open House festivals offer diverse and direct experiences of architecture free-of-charge and provide a unique opportunity for the public to engage with the built environment, while shared actions and coordinated common topics of Open House Europe will foster accessibility and create interactive tools to reveal architecture's role as part of European identity and showcase positive examples of how architecture could respond to contemporary environmental and social challenges. 2023 saw the biggest Open House Dublin yet. The capital's much loved free festival of architecture has grown from a single weekend and ran from the 7-15 October all across Dublin.’ Open House Dublin
Open House Dublin Website

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